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Super Delios Portable Water Filter

Product Code: Super Delios Portable
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Name: Super Delios Portable Water Filter
Code: Super Delios Portable
Color: Blue

SUPER DELIOS is a portable water filter that can quickly produce safe and clean water by simply squeezing the container connected to the filter. Safe and clean water can be produced from various water sources; tap water, river water, well water, rain water and so on. This water can be used for drinking, cleaning wounds and so on.

SUPER DELIOS weighs only 58g? While built-in filters are generally made of ceramics, SUPER DELIOS is made of lighter weight materials; Hollow Fiber Filter and Polyethylene Container. You can easily fold SUPER DELIOS to put it in your pocket.

SUPER DELIOS achieved high performance water filtration through a patented combination of High Precision Hollow Fiber Filter, Fibrous Activated Carbon, and High-grade Polyethylene Container that is soft and strong durability. Thanks to its dual-stage filter, harmful bacteria including E-COLI, CHOLERA, COLIBACILLUS, SALMONELLA, mold, and protozoal (CRYPTOSPORDIUM, GIARDIA and DYSENTERY) are completely removed. 

SUPER DELIOS can produce safe drinking water from various water sources; tap water, river water, well water, pool water, rain water, and so on. US Patent No.5,681,463 and Japanese Patent No.3,468,568. 
Country of Origin: Japan

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