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Flashlight & Torchlight

Flashlight & Torchlight

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    Features: · Purpose-designed for law enforcement, hunting and tactical applications. · The world’s first line of flashlights to feature third generation SSR (smart selector ring) technology · Smoothly and rapidly select brightness levels and function by rotating a smart selector ..
    RM495.00 Ex Tax: RM495.00
  • NITECORE TM26 FLASHLIGHT (4000 Lumens, Lastest Version)
    Features ·The world’s smallest 4000 lumen LED flashlight ·Utilizes 4 x CREE XM-L2 LEDs ·Integrated multi-function OLED display ·Thermal protection circuit prevents overheating ·Compatible with both 18650 Li-ion and CR123 batteries ·Intelligent charging circuit with vo..
    RM1,850.00 RM1,999.00 Ex Tax: RM1,850.00
  • Olight H15S Wave Rechargeable Head Lamp 250 Lumens (Also AAA Batteries Compatible)
    NAME: Olight H15S Wave Rechargeable Head Lamp 250 Lumens (Also AAA Batteries Compatible) CODE: FL-H15S Key Features: +Three brightness levels from 15 to 250 lumens +Manual switch or infrared sensor to activate light and select mode +Latest top-of-the-line, highest..
    RM185.00 Ex Tax: RM185.00
  • Olight M18 Striker 800 Lumens
    NAME: Olight M18 Striker 800 Lumens CODE: FL-M18 The M18 Striker is a defensive adaptation of the M18 Maverick. With an aggressive bezel and simple user interface, this tool is the ultimate self-defense flashlight. Depressing the clicky tailcap switch instantly blas..
    RM220.00 Ex Tax: RM220.00
  • Olight M22 Warrior 950 Lumens
    NAME: Olight M22 Warrior 950 Lumens CODE: FL-M22 The M22 Warrior is a high-output tactical flashlight with a tail switch and a family of optional tactical accessories.  The newest, highly efficient CREE XM-L2 LED cuts through the dark, throwing an absolutely blazin..
    RM315.00 Ex Tax: RM315.00
  • Olight M3X-L2 Triton 1000 Lumens
    NAME: Olight M3X-L2 Triton 1000 Lumens CODE: FL-M3XL2 The M3X XM-L2 Triton is a high-output long-throw tactical flashlight with a tail switch and a family of optional tactical accessories.  For when you really need to reach out, the M3X XM-L2′s powerful CREE XM-L2 L..
    RM455.00 Ex Tax: RM455.00
  • Olight R20 Seeker 600 Lumens (Rechargeable Battery Included)
    NAME: Olight R20 Seeker 600 Lumens (Rechargeable Battery Included) CODE: FL-R20 Features:  1.charging indicator will glow red while charging and green when fully charged  2.Features a protective ring-cover sleeve over the micro-USB port to block out debris ..
    RM245.00 Ex Tax: RM245.00
  • Olight R40 Seeker 1100 Lumens (Rechargeable Battery Included)
    NAME: Olight R40 Seeker 1100 Lumens (Rechargeable Battery Included) CODE: FL-R40 Included Accessories Lithium rechargeable battery Lanyard Spare O-rings (x2) Micro-USB Power Cord USB Power Supplier The R40 is a convenient and powerfu..
    RM420.00 Ex Tax: RM420.00
  • Olight SR Mini Intimidator 2800 Lumens
    NAME: Olight SR Mini Intimidator 2800 Lumens CODE: FL-SRMINI   The SR Mini Intimidator is a variable output LED flashlight that boasts an impressive 2800 lumens from three Cree XM-L2 LEDS. A highly diffused acrylic lens emits a smooth floodlight for soft area lighting...
    RM580.00 Ex Tax: RM580.00
  • Olight SR52 Intimidator 1200 Lumens
    NAME: Olight SR52 Intimidator 1200 Lumens CODE: FL-SR52   The SR52 Intimidator is the next generation of Olight’s SR51 with more lumens and smaller body. This light features three brightness levels with a max output mode of 1200 lumens. Powered by three 18650s or ..
    RM589.00 Ex Tax: RM589.00
  • Olight X6 Marauder 5000 Lumens
    NAME: Olight X6 Marauder 5000 Lumens CODE: X6 The X6 Marauder is a monster of a light, absolutely dominating the night with a mind boggling 5,000 lumens of light.  Driven by 6 CREE XM-L LEDs, the X6 is light and compact with no activation delay, easily surpassing ou..
    RM1,700.00 Ex Tax: RM1,700.00
      The S10R Baton is an extremely small, powerful, and rechargeable 500-lumen LED flashlight with an intelligent multi-function side switch. There are a total of four different power settings and a strobe mode. Its small size, high output, four brightness levels, and strobe mode..
    RM259.00 RM289.00 Ex Tax: RM259.00
  • PELICAN 1920 LED Flashlight
    Product Name PELICAN 1920 LED Flashlight  Our new ultra compact aluminum 1920 flashlights are designed with style and function in mind. Using readily available AAA batteries, these bright LED lights create a clean white beam. Long..
    RM129.00 Ex Tax: RM129.00
  • PELICAN 3390 Knife/Lite Combo
    Product Name PELICAN 3390 Knife/Lite Combo  The new knife and lite combo combines Pelicans super brightPM6 Flashlight and the rugged KB-1250 knife. Both are compact and fit easily into your pocket or hunting vest. The PM6 fea..
    RM180.00 RM280.00 Ex Tax: RM180.00
  • Predator Torch Blade - TOOL702
    NAME: Predator Torch Blade CODE: TOOL702 - WATERPROOF  - BLADE - HAMMER ..
    RM139.00 RM189.00 Ex Tax: RM139.00