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CRKT 2370 Dogfish - TOOL210

Product Code: TOOL210
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Price: RM85.00RM115.00 Ex Tax: RM85.00

NAME: CRKT 2370 Dogfish

Tom Krein is a young custom knifemaker who has created quite a stir with his Mid Tech Dogfish neck knife- It seemed like the perfect affordable CRKT production knife, so here it is- Tom has a great sense of style, so unlike many skeletonized flat blades, the Dogfish is graceful, gives a secure grip, and also has that dogfish face at the pommel which turns out to bea lanyard hole and bottle opener! It has a secure finger choil and friction grooves at the thumb spine and near the butt- 

- Blade length: 2 1/4''
- Overall length: 5 1/4''
- Steel: 3Cr13 stainless
- One piece construction
- Neck sheath included.

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